In-house developments

We test drugs that are already known and launched on the market to assess their suitability for transdermal systems. In so doing, we continually discover new possibilities for transdermal applications. We have identified good examples in the therapeutic areas of pain, incontinence and Parkinson's. We are continuing the development of some of these products into transdermal formulations.

For generic forms we are developing new formulations for pain indication, which we are able to offer on a cost-optimised basis thanks to our manufacturing technology.

We are interested in partnerships to bring these products to market maturity.

Contract development

Our standardised development approach enables us – after a short evaluation phase – to create formulations for optimised use of the drugs in transdermal applications.

In addition to “well-known” drugs, we also work with “new” substances (NCE) that are still in the relatively early clinical development stages. We also follow systematic development approaches for these substances. Accordingly, we are able to establish relatively quickly the extent to which new substances are suitable for transdermal application.

We are also able to work with highly active substances for which special safety standards apply.

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