• Analysis

    Our pharmaceutical analysis services are focussed on special analyses for transdermal systems.

  • Production

    We advise you on the configuration for your development or production.

  • Consultation

    We advise you on entering the transdermal technology sector.


Vektor Pharma TF is active in four sectors relating to transdermal therapeutic systems. The firm focusses on contract and in-house developments, pharmaceutical analysis services and on mechanical engineering.

Contract development TDS ODF

Benefit from our experience and develop your new formula with us. We will advise you and then together we will create an initial development plan and support you until needs-oriented production has been properly established.

Production machinery

We advise you on the configuration for your development or production. Our technologies are designed to manufacture transdermal systems cost-efficiently and competitively.

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Import Permit

After the routine inspection Vektor Pharma is entitled to import finished dosage forms.

Innovative solutions for transdermal therapeutic systems

Vektor Pharma TF was founded in 2009 by two mechanical engineers and two pharmacists. From the start, the objective was to modernise existing technologies and to implement new ideas in the manufacture and development of transdermal systems.

Using intelligent formulation technologies we have investigated generic and new substances and developed these into efficient transdermal systems, which are undergoing clinical trials. In 2014 there are three comprehensive generic projects under contracted development. Learn more...

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